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This venue is beautiful! It matched Sally + Lauren's vibe so well and it was a photographer's playground to photograph in. Broxmouth Courtyard consists of renovated stables and beautiful cottages. The layout is perfect and the courtyard is great for fire pits and having drinks and canapés in the sun. Our fav Floral Menagerie did a spectacular job on the florals and it was great working with the lovely Jenna Clayton MUA again. The party well and truly kicked off right from the beginning of the evening with Bahookie performing. A rock ceilidh band? uhh yes please! A highlight for us was the small moment of calm during the couple shoot with the girls. We went back into the house and took some photos within the beautiful decor. Just as we were heading back, we had a look at one last room to see if we could use it. Sally spotted a grand piano and offered to play us all something on it. Lauren stood closely by and it made for some of our most loved photos from this day. Here is a few of our favourites!