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How To Elope In Scotland

Are you looking to elope in Scotland? With this beautiful little country being one of the most popular spots to get hitched in we 100% understand why!
Here you will find a guide we have put together to help you start your planning process. 

Choose a location

First things first is to choose where you want to get married.

From wild rugged landscapes to ancient cities both full of stories and heritage, you really are spoiled for choice. You can legally marry anywhere in Scotland so this decision can be quite the difficult one!


If you are looking for a city elopement it is hard to choose anywhere other than the beautiful ancient city of Edinburgh. With its countless stunning locations, historic castle and picturesque gardens you really are spoiled for choice. The city centre is quite small which allows us to showcase the full city during your elopement. You are spoiled for choice on where to stay, eat and drink here too. 


Wanting to go wild? Glencoe is the first stop off being only 2 hours from the central belt and has some of the most epic landscapes in the world. Everyone remembers their first visit to Glencoe and for good reason. There is nowhere else in Scotland you feel so close mountains, almost feels as though you can touch them. We know the terrain very well from our years of photographing elopements and exploring them ourselves, we know the best spots and how to safely navigate allowing you to focus on the majesty of the place.


Looking further afield? The Isle of Skye has the most diverse landscape in Scotland. Every twist and turn along the island the landscape rises, twists and turns. From the epic back drop of the Cullin hills at the Sligachan bridge, to the Jurassic otherworldly Quiraing, to the ethereal Fairy Glen, the Isle of Skye caters to anyone's tastes. Another one of our must visit locations.


There are plenty other locations of absolute stunning jaw dropping beauty in Scotland but we are here to help you plan your elopement not just overwhelm you with countless locations!


We have helped plenty of our couples plan their dream elopements so please reach out and let us share our beautiful home with you.

Find a date

When should we elope to Scotland?


The simple answer is anytime! You can choose your favourite season as Scotland changes beautifully throughout the year, from the crisp frosty days with snow-capped mountains in the winter, to ever long summer days where it doesn’t quite get dark at night. Our advice would be to plan a midweek elopement as outdoor spaces in Scotland get quite busy on the weekends.



Our weather starts to pick up in the spring but this doesn’t mean it’s warm! Frosty mornings are still possible but when the sun comes out its almost ‘taps aff’ weather. The vegetation and wildlife reappear again giving back that vibrant landscape Scotland is famous for. Golden hour is very accessible in the spring as the sunsets between 1800-2030 through the season. Our tourist season hasn’t fully kicked in here either which should allow for more choice of suppliers, accommodation and quieter ceremony locations.



Our days get long, really long. Places in Scotland can see over 18 hours of daylight during our peak summer months, which is great for being able to explore deeper into the landscape during our extended warm days. This also allows for ceremonies taking place bright and early or later in the day to make the most of the beautiful golden light whilst also avoiding the rush at any tourist hot spots.



The days start to draw in as the landscape around us slowly morphs from greens to oranges and browns. The sun sits lower in the sky giving a beautiful warmth to everything it touches. Rachels favourite season by a mile! And no wonder few places on earth can complete with Scotland in the autumn. Also, our tourist season starts to slow down giving more access to the best locations. It does start to cool a little so some extra layers never go a miss.



Snow-capped mountains, icicles and piercing sunshine when it appears. This is Scotland’s swan song. On the short brisk days with the sun as low as it gets in the sky the risk can return the greatest rewards. The mountains when covered in snow appear larger, more texture and being out of the tourist season you can have some of the most beautiful locations on earth to yourself! We recommend good footwear, warm layers and thermos of some hot stuff to explore comfortably during the winter.

Find a celebrant

In Scotland we cater for all beliefs and religions be it Humanist, Agnostic, Interfaith, Pagan, Independent or Religious. This is a personal choice and we are more than happy to put forward some recommendation to meet your needs.

Scotland has a few beautiful wedding traditions which can make your elopement even more special. To name a few, there is Scottish hand-fasting, the oathing stone and a quaich.

Religious ceremonies can differ i.e. Church of Scotland services can be held anywhere so long as your minister approves. Believers of other faiths are welcome too. Roman Catholic ceremonies are slightly different and must be held in a place of worship in regular use.



Now for the not so fun bit.. paperwork! Don't worry though, it is pretty straightforward!

To acquire your marriage schedule you’ll both need to fill in the ‘Marriage Notice Form’, otherwise known as the ‘M10’.

View the Marriage Notice Form (M10) here.

A small fee must be submitted along with the form within the 3 month period before your wedding date and no later than 29 days before the wedding date.

You will also need to include your birth or adoptions certificate, passport and evidence of address/residence.

The marriage schedule can be collected in person up to 7 days before your wedding date from the registrar local to your wedding location.

You’ll need to be in touch with your celebrant during this process and celebrants have done this many times so they’ll usually be happy to assist you with this whole process.

After your wedding ceremony you have 3 days to submit your marriage schedule to the local registrar office.

Find out more information here about marriage in Scotland from the official source.


Find your suppliers

Best bit of advice with suppliers is book them asap!

You have a much better chance of booking your favourite suppliers if you book your elopement on a weekday.

We have a great list of wonderful florists, make up artists, hair stylists, celebrants, venues and videographers which we are happy to send over. 

Find your witnesses

Under Scots Law you are required to have 2 witnesses present during your legal marriage ceremony and must be over the age of 16.
We have had the privilege of being witnesses to many ceremonies now and if you plan to elope here alone then we can do the same for you!

Pick your outfits

If you are planning a wild elopement where you want to explore the landscape, we recommend having solid footwear to deal with the uneven, possibly wet terrain underfoot. A decent rain coat goes a long way in Scotland especially as we adventure around different locations. Umbrellas don’t tend to work very well due to the winds that can be present on the west coast of Scotland.

Your dress will get dirty, no two ways about it, so we are great believers in embracing this and allowing the dress to tell its own story of your elopement and the beautifully wild places it went.

Have a think about what your outerwear looks like. Staying warm and dry is important but hillwalking raincoats don't look great in photos. Have a look at earthy tone jackets, cardigans and shawls. A tartan shawl is a beautiful way to
incorporate Scotland into your outfit and keep warm. Scotland is cold a lot so don't underestimate how much you need to layer up.

Marriage Visa

Lastly, If you’re wanting to legally elope to Scotland from outside of the United Kingdom, you’ll need to apply for a marriage visa (if you want to have a legally recognised ceremony). You can find out more about the marriage visa and process at the link just below.

We hope this guide has given you some ideas about eloping in Scotland and answered a few questions about planning a Scottish elopement. If you’re searching for a wedding photographer to document your elopement adventure in Scotland, we would love to hear from you!

You can get in touch via the link below and you can see our elopement price page here
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