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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

THE ONE WITH THE HARRY POTTER TRAIN, THE DAPPER DOG, AND FLEEING A STORM We made our way just South of Mallaig to Camusdarach beach this summer to shoot Rozy and Matt on their special day! Rozy was pointed in our direction by one of her friends, whose destination wedding we photographed in Mallorca in 2018, and after hearing about their idea for their day, we were super excited to shoot our first beach nuptials! Whilst Rachel kicked the day off capturing the girls getting ready in a nearby cottage with some of the best lighting of the year, Tonie headed down to help the men set up on the beach. They built the triangle arch together, and Tonie suggested that they decorate it with ferns. Matt liked the idea, so one of his groomsmen crossed a stream in his bare feet to gather some. Ten points for effort and lovely last-minute DIY plant decor! As the bridal party headed over to the location, our local taxi driver suggested we stop off at the train station, as the famous Jacobite Train was due to be passing soon. Both Rachel and Rozy were all over the idea, so with the help of the bridesmaids, we got Rozy set up and ready just in time for the train passing. It made for an excellent shot, and the passengers were all waving at her on the platform. Happy bride, happy photographer! Then we all arrived at the beach for a beautiful ceremony in front of friends and family, made better by Rozy and Matt’s two dogs by their side - one of which was dressed in a suit. Cute! Afterwards, everyone enjoyed scones and green tea on the beach, before heading to Astley Hall in the village of Arisaig for the reception. For us, there is no such thing as too many fairy lights, and the hall didn’t disappoint. Banquet tables, the bride and groom’s own decorations, and a great bunch of guests made for the perfect atmosphere. The newlyweds then asked us if we’d like to get involved, so after the cameras were packed away, we joined them for a drink and a dance - it would have been rude not to! We had a blast at this wedding; another of our favourites from this year and another new location to explore. A highlight for us was stealing the couple away for some pictures on the beach, where they were totally up for climbing up rocks and being carried over puddles in record time before a storm rolled in. Absolute champs! Scroll to see dapper dogs, Harry Potter trains, and a selection of our favourite images from an incredible day!

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