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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The One With The Incredible 60's House, Private Island, And Boat Ride

This is an elopement that we will NEVER be over. We knew from the first email from Ellie + Dan that this was something special. Ellie + Dan came up from London to elope in the west coast of Scotland. They chose to do this at a friends family home which just so happened to be the on the friends private island as well. These two were complete and utter joys to capture. We got to take Wes Anderson inspired photos at the house, explore surrounding islands that only had sheep as residents, witness the most beautiful backdrop to a ceremony and drink champagne on an epic orange boat. We cant thank these two enough for having us there. Time is really precious on your wedding day and these guys chose to spend a lot of it was us and also took the time to cook and feed us before we headed off back to the mainland. What incredibly good eggs and i’m sure you can just feel it looking at them in these selected images from their day.