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What a complete wonderland this day was for us! This was our first time at St Marys Space and we were SO excited to capture there from what we had seen online. This eclectic, fascinating and unique space was the perfect backdrop for Zainab and Blaine's elopement. These two came over from Texas to elope in the Scottish hills and we knew we would hit it off straight away from their enquiry. I cant explain how magical it is to read an email that says "I just found your page and something in my soul just said - These are our people. These are our photographers!!" They explained their style to us, talked a little about how they met and shared how in love they were. It was the perfect first email. We had chats and meetings and ended up with an exciting plan for their day. We worked together to make a realistic schedule that incorporated what they wanted to see/do on their day. Bonnys Wonderland did a fantastic job on Zainab's hair and make-up and it is always so lovely to see her at prep. The ceremony was done beautifully by Annie Loughlin and you could just see how much she cared for the couple. The detail Charlotte and Jamie put into their venue and the incredible effort they put into Zainab and Blaine's elopement was so impressive. The little signs, handmade gifts, written letters, decorations and a stunning three course meal doesn't even cover everything they did. We were so generously treated to a meal with the couple and it was a special moment to be sitting in such beautiful surroundings getting to know our new friends better. To top the day off, we ventured into the trees for a little night time shoot with lanterns and Blaine treated us all to some acoustic guitar. We all tried to fight off the sudden need to nap after such amazing food but the outcome has made some of our favourite photos to date. Here is a few photos from their day.