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Updated: Mar 27, 2023


After finding us on Instagram, Coleman and Zeno got in touch with us about their intimate family wedding in Edinburgh in July last year. Married in the City Chambers, these guys were so cute and super lovely. The whole wedding consisted of just eight people - the newlyweds included - and started off in a stunning apartment that the couple had hired out. Capturing them preparing for their big day here was brilliant. There was amazing colours, art and light surrounding them - the combination of which is always a wee dream for us! We were made to feel comfortable right away, relaxing in the apartment, getting to know their close family, and hearing stories about the pair (which always makes us feel like we know them better). Coleman, who is American, made his own kilt for the wedding, which we thought was an awesome touch! He paired it with cowboy boots he’d gotten for his graduation. A 10/10 ensemble! When everyone was ready, we headed along to the City Chambers. We have photographed there a few times, but each time is a new surprise, as there are a bunch of different rooms to get married in. Coleman and Zeno’s room was small, intimate, with no frills, which we thought seemed fitting, as the whole day was just about them celebrating their love. The pair chose to get married in Edinburgh as it was where they met - despite neither of them being from there. After the ceremony, they gave us free rein for photo locations. We took the guys to a few spots we knew were great for shooting couples with some amazing lighting, and then wandered around Edinburgh a bit to get some more shots. We had the idea to incorporate the family in the background as though they were just passers-by, which led to Coleman’s dad pulling out a few tourist poses for fun. We then headed to their wedding dinner at Timberyard where they had a private dining room. Whilst the other guests heard about the food options, we grabbed the pair away to the courtyard for some more shots, before leaving them to enjoy the rest of their perfect day. Doing a wedding this tiny was a nice little change for us, and to feel like we were a part of it was something special. There are always things we take away from weddings and talk about for months and even years after, and based on how sweet Coleman and Zeno were, they became a bit of a household name for us. Honestly, guys, you were the loveliest. We love our job! Have a browse through our collection of favourites from the day below!

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