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Updated: Feb 22, 2023


Ruth and David had a wedding that was so unapologetically them and we take our hats off to them for this. From David’s original email when they enquired a couple years ago, to our coffee meeting in Glasgow which lasted hours, to their wedding was all such a joy to be a part of. We knew we were onto a winner when they told us how they got engaged. It was in the middle of a mosh pit which, if you know them, suits them wonderfully. What a cool pair! The wedding was at a new venue for us which was The Gathering at Woodhead Farm. This venue was built to look like a medieval barn and the level of detail in this place was incredible. Albeit a dark venue to match the vibe but we like a challenge! What we took from this day the most was how calm and happy these two were. There was a couple challenges they faced on their wedding day but you honestly wouldn’t believe it when talking to them. We talk a lot about letting go of some control on your wedding day as they can be so unpredictable and this day was a good example. During their outside ceremony the rain started so everyone got up and ran inside for a make shift ceremony in the barn. Still smiling, Ruth and David did the rest of their ceremony inside whilst we all huddled up to keep warm. The humanist Elizabeth McConnell did a great job. The music was on point for this wedding. We have very similar music taste so as you can imagine, myself and Tonie were in our element. A highlight for us was Ruth walking down the aisle to a Bring Me The Horizon song. What a hero. The couple were surprised by the three piece band Sticks ‘n’ Kicks in the evening by Dave’s mum. Capturing their reaction was priceless and the impromptu conga line this started was hilarious. We left this wedding agreeing that it would have been a really great wedding to be a guest at and I think that is a top compliment to the couple for having such a fun and relaxed day. Thanks to these guys for having us and check out some of our favourites below.