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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The One With The Mustard Outfits, Flower Crown Of Dreams, And a DIY Masterpiece Lauren and Leonie created an absolutely incredible wedding that we are still not over. The level of detail in this day was mind blowing and we feel so incredibly lucky we got to capture it all. Not only did the wedding look amazing but these two were so sweet and an absolute joy to photograph which stretched out to their kind and welcoming guests too. Claire Digance did a fantastic job of the ceremony making us all laugh and feel so connected to these two and their story. ”There was a second date and a third date and everyone knows what happens on third dates, right? *wink wink* Lauren arrived at Leonie's house, preemptively smooth and exceptionally moisturised, so oily that she slipslid along thefloor like Jabba the Hut's well-lubricated lesbian cousin. It is worth mentioning that by this point, Date#3, they'd not even held hands.” We also cant not mention how fantastic the florals were at this wedding. Tomnaha Flowers outdid theirselves with the arch display, table decor and those AMAZING flower crowns! Swoon! What a day ❤️ Cannot thank Lauren + Leonie enough. Here is a wee selection of our favourites.