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Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Laura and Stuart not only postponed their wedding day by a year but also changed their venue within this stressful time too. We have to say though, what a change! Dun Aluinn House in Aberfeldy.

This was truly a beautiful venue to capture in and we loved the vibe and style so much. With a smaller wedding in a more intimate setting, Laura and Stuart had their wedding their way and we couldn’t be happier for them. The morning was calm and with everyone getting ready within the same house, we were able to capture both Laura and Stuart before the ceremony. With it being October, the weather was very unpredictable so the original plan to get married outside had to be scrapped. Instead, the guys chipped in with their efforts and set up the ceremony room in the front room of the house instead. Although this wasn’t what they had planned to begin with, it looked beautiful as they stood at the top of their aisle in window light. Laura’s bouquet and the florals that decorated the venue were by Wild Gorse. This is such a great example of how powerful flowers can be to a wedding day. From the display made for them at the top of the aisle to the flowers cascading up the stairway, we were obsessed. I feel like we could talk forever about this wedding and how incredibly lovely Laura and Stuart are. Not only that, they were so easy to capture and were up for jumping in our car and getting some photos in an even more rural setting we spotted 10 minutes away on our drive in. Later on, we caught a beautiful sunset with them and then used the skylight inside the venue too for some images. With all of this being so close, these photos took no time at all and allowed the couple to spend more time with their guests too. Win win! Here are a few select images from their day.

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2023

You guys are the best ❤️ Loved reading this and every time I see these photos it just lets me relive the day. You guys will always be a part of it we’ll remember well! 🤗

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