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Updated: Feb 22, 2023


We were at Cow Shed Crail last September with Ashley and Mark, who were over from America to Mark’s home country for their big day! With our photography style in mind, they got in contact with us after checking out our Instagram, and we are always excited to get back to one of our favourite venues! The Cow Shed is an excellent blank canvas - similar to Pratis Barns and Kinkell Byre- which looks different every time we show up, making each shoot new and exciting. This time though, was pretty special. It was kitted out by the ever-wonderful Gloam, and Blue Poppy Florist and had - hands down - the most flowers we’ve ever seen at a venue. Stunning. The award for highest floral content goes to you, Ashley and Mark! The day kicked off with both parties getting in cottages with Lesley Neil and Pin Up Glasgow, before Rachel and the girls made their way to the church in VW Campervans, made extra special by the fact that it was their last ever voyage before the owners were off to travel the world in them! However, we were thrown a curve ball when we arrived at the venue, as the church rules prohibited photographers from entering the aisles – or the hall for that matter. Initially we were a bit disappointed, but when we saw the light coming in from the balcony, which Tonie was photographing from, we agreed it looked pretty amazing. Every cloud! After the ceremony, a quick family and friends shoot in the courtyard (where we decided that sunglasses are the ultimate wedding accessory), and a little mingle with the guests, everyone headed back to The Cow Shed, whilst we met Ashley and Mark in their camper at St Andrew’s beach. The shoes were off as we wandered the beach to the harbour, stopping to capture the couple throughout, before being met with a champagne reception at the venue. With everyone sat down for dinner, the groomsmen and bridesmaids danced into the room together, followed by Mark’s professional comedian brother and best man giving a speech worth paying money on the door for! As it darkened, we took the pair outside for some fairy light shots, then the night ended with the Scottish and American guests singing their respective national anthems at one another, in some sort of epic sing-off battle. Pitch Perfect eat your heart out! From hilarious speeches to the groom saying he wished Tonie could dress him every morning, and everything in-between, we had an incredible day with Ashley and Mark. It’ll be one that sticks with us for a long time! Scroll down for our solution to church rule problems, cool guests in sunglasses, and our favourites shots from the day!

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