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2020 was without a doubt the most strange, confusing, and painfully sad years in all of our lives. For us personally, it meant a massive reduction in weddings, a lot of stress, a fair amount of boredom, and little opportunity to do what we love - photograph loved-up couples!

There wasn’t much we could do about a lot of it, but we knew we couldn’t go too long without getting creative behind the camera. We took on a little photography project early in lockdown, and then towards the end of the year, we did some family shoots to keep us on our toes. It was lovely to spend some time with happy couples and families again, even if it was at a distance.

Despite the circumstances, we were incredibly lucky enough to be able to capture more than our fair share of couples, adapting to new rules and enjoying wonderful days at intimate weddings with our couples. Our clients tend to do a great job of integrating us into the day normally, but this year in particular it was really special to be there and involved in these smaller weddings and elopements.

Although 2020 came with a whole bunch of new hurdles for brides and grooms across the globe, we were so happy to be able to work with our couples through countless coffee-filled zoom meetings, to reschedule dates or point them in the direction of a new photographer. For those who went ahead with their wedding during a pandemic, we cannot thank you enough for having us and giving us a bit of normality amongst the chaos. It really was an escape for us; a special day in amongst the doom and gloom of the year, where we could get up and do our job, surrounded by happy people, full of excitement and joy. They really did keep us going this year, and we are so proud of our couples who saw the light in the darkness of 2020. It was a pleasure to capture you all, and we can’t wait to photograph a lot more of your lovely faces in 2021!

A year that forced us to have smaller venues and guest lists by no means meant any less love and laughter, and for that, there is no end to our gratitude.

Check out some of our favourite images from the year the world pressed pause.