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From Annabelle + David's first email, we knew this was going to be a wedding with a bit of a difference. The plans changed over time but the core idea for these two was to have a wedding completely their way. The final plan for their wedding was to get ready in their own beautiful Glasgow flat, get hitched at the registry office with their loved ones, drink champagne in the streets of Glasgow and walk to the Subway together, travel to The Bothy in the West End for some dinner and then head to Ashton Lane for their evening do with more friends and family at the Grosvenor Cafe. After a chat, we suggested the idea to ask the Grosvenor if we could use their stunning, red leather cinema screens for some photos. With a vision in mind fuelled by our love for Wes Anderson films, we shared our idea with Annabelle and David and luckily they were up for something a little unique too! Shout out to the Grosvenor for moving their screen times around to allow us a half an hour slot to get creative. The images of Annabelle and David in a beautiful cinema wearing old school 3D glasses Rachel found on Ebay, is some of our favourites to date. These guys made it very clear that they weren't too interested in getting overly loved up photos and wanted to focus more on their movement between locations. I love that we have captured their journey throughout Glasgow and was able to capture them in the cinema later on in the evening when they were a little more confident in front of us. Showing how people really are in our photos is so important and we don't want to just copy and paste poses on everyone if it doesn't suit them. Annabelle's dress was by Needle&Thread and her hair and make-up was done by AMM. David's kilt was by Macgregor and McDuff and the florals were by Blooms Glasgow. This was such a fun day to capture. Ending the evening at the Cathouse and finding these two on the dance floor at 3am was the cherry on the cake too! Here are some of our favourites from their day. It was difficult to narrow them down!